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A current phenomenon in today's climate is that many people are feeling disconnected from others, their true selves, or from a functioning spirituality.

There is a nebulous feeling of anxiety, overwhelm, and grief I witness in many of my clients. The sense of reaching capacity and craving something more is common.

I became a Resilient Coach during the pandemic,  after being a holistic healer for over 35 years. I've curated a large buffet of healing tools to share.

With user-friendly information on the polyvagal theory, meditation, aura clearing, and the ancient practice of Qigong you can shift from living in unconscious stress responses to living an empowered actualized focused life!

Taking the time to gather information on the state our nervous systems, energy centers, and messages from our body, we become more in tune with the self-care we need at the moment. This practice of awarness lets us be more connected with nature, with glimmers of awe, and with the Divine. Being connected to larger sense of purpose, even during crisis and troubling times is the very root of resilience. 





Hi, I'm Tia


I Listen, So You Can Hear Yourself.

Our nervous systems, breath, and body are all doors to our intuition, needs, and desires.

I'm here to remind you that you already have what you need, but with co-regulation, reflection, and the right tools,  you can navigate stress, grief, and life with agency, rather than habitual stress-response reactions.



"Tia’s Qigong classes are a lifeline. No matter how awful I feel, I am renewed, refreshed, and revitalized after her class. I feel stronger, more centered, and have the endurance to get through the day. She is an amazing healer!" ~Katie M.
 "Time with Tia nourishes the soul and lifts the spirit. She has an amazing ability to identify and address the needs and wants of a person. I have at times arrived high-strung and tense and left relaxed and content, arrived beaten down and depressed and left invigorated and in high spirits." May L.
"Tia Ma worked with me throughout a high risk pregnancy. Her influence helped me trust my body and take better care of myself. Tia is a wealth of resources, knowledge, and wisdom, and a phenomenal Qigong teacher. I am forever grateful for the ways I have grown as a result of working with her." ~Sara N.
"I took several introductory classes with Tia Ma, and I was most pleased! Excellent introduction to ever-present energy, great class vibe, and made a significant improvement to my awareness, breathing, and linkage to movement and grounding!! Tia Ma definitely pointed out and showed the doors to be opened to much more....thank you!!" ~Malik Watkins
"Tia coached me through one of the hardest times in my life. She is kind, compassionate and full of wisdom. She also tells you like it is. Tia’s coaching not only gave me the tools I needed to succeed but she also helped me gain the strength to implement those tools." ~ Lonie C.
""I connected with Tia for coaching after 18 months of tremendous upheaval that impacted marriage, work, family, home, self. It was in every way the rock bottom of my Dark Night of the Soul, the time when it really could have gone either way—fail or fly. Through her hands-on techniques, gentle wisdom, and unwavering support, I got more out of 8 sessions than I have in years of traditional therapy. This includes empowering tools like Qigong, advice on food, and insight into topics like the window of tolerance and reorientation—all blended seamlessly with my holistic and spiritual lifestyle. Tia is truly a gift and an inspiration…I would entrust her with anyone feeling lost or scared or simply confused about their path.” ~ A.G.


Holistic assistance to increase your vitality, nourish your sense of connection and strengthen your connection to the Divine.

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