I'm a Resilience Coach.  


I help people navigate their anxiety and stress with holistic means, (breath, qigong, eye movement, writing, intention etc.).

I specialize in working with CPTSD, (complex post-traumatic stress) trauma bond, narcissistic dynamics and relationships, and navigating healthy spirituality based on your own relationship with Great Spirit/God/Universe.

Understanding certain systems such as your Enneagram, Gene Keys, Attachment Styles Love Languages, etc. all create more understanding of the layered, unfolding of your story.

Working with me as I coach I will focus on empowering you with tools to:

*nurture yourself on a deep level

*psychically protect yourself

*manage your energy 

*fortify regulation in your nervous systems

*connect better with others

*make measurable changes in your life you may be craving

Working with a coach is an amazing way to restructure patterns that don't serve you any longer. The practice of co-regulation allows for potent shifts. Let's meet for a free half hour to see if we are a good fit for working together.



My healing journey led me into understanding adversity and suffering. I found myself drawn to understand not only my pain and limitations but also a deep fascination about collective suffering. Ever since I was a child, I've tracked patterns and trends, systems, and healing tools.

The subtle world of energy healing, chakras, auras, and the quantum field was introduced to me as a child, from my own traumatic experiences, I spent the next thirty years finding teachers, studies, and schools to further my development. 

My spirituality with nature led me to dive deep into Qigong and meditation, as the effects on my thoughts, nervous system, and quality of life were greatly affected by these practices.

As an artist, the use of symbology and color plays a big part in my healing work, as well as working with the dream world. This is how the art of Tarot, Astrology, Human Design and the Gene Keys all caught my eye.

As a coach and teacher, my focus includes helping you integrate emotional responses in your body, as you increase your intuition, and empowering you with a self-care practice that is within you. 



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"The true secret of suffering is that it is a doorway to Grace. Our pain is always trying to tell us something important. If we can summon the courage to lean INTO the pain and listen to its message we can discover the hidden gift."

~ Richard Rudd, Gene Keys