An ancient Chinese practice used to awaken wisdom, love and vitality in our lives.

Qigong includes movement, breath focus, and meditation.
Qigong is the art of bringing Yin and Yang into balance.

Through this practice, we awaken the three Dantians, harmonize the Central Meridian
and bring the four Golden Wheels into alignment.

Once we engage the world with our energy centers empowered and aligned, we bring balance into our lives and to those around us.

Elixir field, or energy centers. We have three; upper, middle and lower,
with our central meridian connecting them.

Four Golden Wheels=
The three dantians and central meridian.

Almost like acting out a poem, we “Nourish Qi”, “Pull the bell rope”, have “Earth hands,” or “Cloud Hands”.

Is Qigong similar to Tai Chi?
Yes. Qigong is considered the Grandparent of Tai Chi. Qigong in general, is easier, and more user-friendly than Tai Chi, though both practices create similar effects on the body.